Information Technology

As an international freight forwarder, the role of information provider is increasingly imperative. In order to accomplish this role, we have constantly invested in the advanced technologies in order to assist our agents / partners / clients to stay ahead of their competitors.

By utilizing the newly introduced computerized operations system and latest information technologies, the flow of information has considerably improved, which in turn enchanced the efficiency and quality of our customer's services.

Nowadays, B/L specimens, invoicing, shipment pre-alerts, arrival notices...etc are generated through our computerized system and sent to our agents/partners/clients automatically via e-mail/fax. Besides, we also adopt electronic data interchange(EDI) system for communicating shipment data with some of our overseas agents/partners, and clients can book their space via internet through our web-page.

With sophisiticated information technology, our agents/partners and clients can save a lot of valuable time, efforts and expenses.